Humans and systems

Essay • 1 min read

A stream of consciousness about human behaviour in a world becoming increasingly digital and facing a climate crisis.

Humans and systems

We are both social and independent actors in a deeply connected world.

We want agency over the choices we make and the direction we take.

But our environment shapes much of our behaviour.

And our behaviour shapes how we think.

To make radical changes to the way we live, we need to control our environment.

Our environment is a set of systems.

These systems were designed for an old world.

This results in many aspects of modern life to feel broken.

These systems are both visible and invisible.

They are ecological, biological, technological, ideological, and financial.

Many of them are human.

They are increasingly digital.

To shape our environment we need to be conscious of these systems.

Conscious that they exist and conscious of how they work.

If we are conscious of them, then we can change them.

And if we can change them we can build a better world for everyone.

A world where it’s easier to be the master of your destiny.

Because your environment is designed to help you get there.

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