Interview with Bob Moesta about his book Demand Side Sales

Event or Talk • 1 min read

An interview with Bob Moesta about his book: "Demand Side Sales 101". A thoughtful discussion about how Bob thinks about humanising sales using Jobs to be Done.

Interview with Bob Moesta about his book Demand Side Sales

I had the great pleasure of interviewing Bob Moesta about his new book: "Demand Side Sales 101". Bob spoke to the Jobs to be Done Meetup community which sparked a lot of discussion and questions about how Bob thinks about sales using Jobs to be Done theory.

We covered a lot of ground including:

  • The problem with sales through a supply-side lens
  • How a salesperson becomes more like a concierge when you understand the causality of why customers buy (demand-side thinking)
  • Some hands-on tips using his Jobs to be Done toolkit like; finding the struggling moment, the motivations for progress, the forces of progress and the timeline of progress
  • How sales, marketing and customer servicing all come together to help grow your business in a human, customer-focused way

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