Jobs to be Done and the future of product design

Podcast • 1 min read

I recorded a podcast about Jobs to be Done and had the pleasure of speaking to some amazing leaders and experts about how they apply it to their business.

Jobs to be Done and the future of product design

Podcast gusets include:

  • David Brear, 11:FS CEO & Former Mettle CEO
  • Alan Klement, JTBD expert and author of "When Coffee and Kale Compete"
  • Justin Geaney, CPO at Virtual Bank by Standard Chartered
  • Peter Collingridge, Director / Global Head, Entrepreneurs in Residence

11:FS | Apple Podcasts

In the podcast we cover the following topics:

  • What JTBD actually is
  • How impactful it can be when designing digital propositions
  • Why it's the key to making your product an integral part of your customer's life
  • How it can help to create powerful end to end customer journeys
  • Why JTBD is the future of product design


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