About Humanising and things to come. Issue #001.

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A newsletter about humanising business and technology. Essays, events and thinking focused on human-centric product design, culture-centric brand design and impact focused business design.

About Humanising and things to come. Issue #001.

I believe in humanising business and technology.

I've started this publication to share my ideas, insights, tools and frameworks with those who are likeminded. This inagural newsletter will be the start of a weekly cadence publishing this content.

I am writing for anyone interested in the following things:

  • how to design human-centric product experiences
  • how to understand people and culture to create differentiated brands
  • how to think about business models so that strong commercial success aligns with the desired outcomes for all stakeholders
  • how to think about human-first organisational design including diversity and inclusion and environmental sustainability

I'm lucky enough to speak with a wide variety of people. I work with fascinating clients tackling hard problems. I manage a team of people, with whom I learn from daily. I am a mentor of people with great drive and ambition. And, I organise in person and digital talks for people who like to geek out on the topics I love.

Doing these things gives me the great privilege learning, teaching and iterating my ideas, processes and methods constantly. I have now decided to write some of these things down.

What you can expect from Humanising:

  • A weekly newsletter aimed at summarising the best things I've read and written about humanising business and technology.
  • Essays, short and long about the topics listed above. I have a load of tools and frameworks to publish over time that have been used, revised and reused.
  • Audio/video from events I've organised currently focused on Jobs to be Done.

I have already published a back catalogue of work over the past few years. It's a mix of essays I've written, podcasts I've produced and events I've organised. There's a lot about Jobs to be Done, which is a tool I use in my work, click here for a short video explainer.

Upcoming event

On that subject I have an event coming up: Post-COVID Jobs to be Done

The World is Closed
Photo by Edwin Hooper / Unsplash

It's a digital talk, our first global meetup as COVID-19 gives us the opportunity to move beyond our geographical boundaries of London (the origins of this meetup group). At this meetup, we have two amazing speakers, walking us through how behaviour is changing as we live through the pandemic. We'll be exploring how people's Jobs to be Done are likely to change in both the consumer markets and the workplace.

The format for the evening will be 15-20 minute talks from two very special guests from around the world, followed by a Q&A. Here's the line-up for the evening:

Alan Klement

Based in New York City, Alan is the author of "When Coffee and Kale Compete", editor of JTBD.info and owner of growth strategy firm Revealed. Alan will be talking us through his latest research...

How Covid-19 affected Hiring and Firing (Jobs) behaviour
In this talk, Alan will cover how the pandemic affects how people shop, what they buy and new Jobs to be Done that have emerged. Alan’s been looking at facemasks, air-filters, gloves and also things like Peloton, virtual training, counselling.

Yann Wermuth

Based in Zurich, Switzerland, Yann is an innovation expert working for Vendbridge AG. He helps businesses manage the complexity of innovation and value proposition design by truly understanding the humans they are for. His talk...

Home? Office? Works! A quantitative Jobs-to-be-done perspective
In a collaborative effort with the Jobs-to-be-done community Vendbridge has led a public Jobs-to-be-done project investigating how office workers get their literal Job done under the new circumstances due to the COVID-19 restrictions. In the talk, Yann will present quantitatively validated insights and draw some conclusions about what they could mean for the future of work in the next normal.

The event is free and you can sign up here.

Stay tuned next week as I start to publish some of my latest thinking and have more exciting announcements for future events.

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