Commoditized products have no purpose

Key to success is developing a purpose for your product and communicating why your product exists. Purpose helps differentiate and avoid commoditisation.

Customers don't want your bank

Banking products are too rigid and functional, which means customers buy based on price. Banks can differentiate by understanding customer's Jobs to be Done

Will GDPR protect people and their data from misuse?

Everything you do online leaves a digital footprint. Big tech and digital services use this to personalise services to you, but is your data also being misused? GDPR has been introduced in the EU to protect us all.

The disruption of AdTech

AdTech is broken. It has degraded the customer experience and is harming the relationship between the customer and the brand. New models are emerging that rethink the flows of data and money.

Why loyalty schemes are breaking

Loyalty schemes are breaking - they are too functional and offer little value. Using data to improve the customer experience will drive greater loyalty.

Strategy is a process, not an event

Working at a startup gives you fresh perspective on what concepts like “strategy” really mean. It should give you a north star but it won't give you all the answers because so much is learnt while executing and iterating.