Post-COVID Jobs to be Done

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A digital talk focused on a Jobs to be Done analysis of Peloton adoption and remote working.

Post-COVID Jobs to be Done

We've all lived through a strange period of time that has forced us to adopt new habits and routines. As we move into autumn, we're settling into a period of adjustment. COVID-19 is not going away and scientists have warned there's a higher probability of more pandemics in the future.

Two of the main areas the pandemic impacted our lives is in the way we work and stay active. Two members of the Jobs to be Done community have conducted research on how we are adapting to a life that is increasingly digital and home-bound.

Alan Klement talks us through his research on the adoption of Peloton bikes during the pandemic in the US. He looks at the reasons why Peloton has been able to capitalise on life during a pandemic. He spoke to recent buyers of Peloton and discovered that most people weren't even considering any other option. Peloton has been able to differentiate themselves from other exercise bikes by fulfilling other Jobs to be Done. For example, the social and community aspects of the experience elevates it above the features and functions of a regular exercise bike.

Yann Wermuth walks us through a quantitative analysis of how people in Germany and Switzerland are adapting to remote working. He splits remote workers into two groups; bees and butterflies. Bees like to focus on their work with minimal distraction while butterflies prefer the more social side of the working environment. Yann shows the differences between these two groups and makes some recommendations on how to accommodate both.

Watch both Alan and Yann's talks below. There were also plenty of questions from the live audience.

Update: on the night there was a question about the link between Blue Ocean Strategy and JTBD. Yann, one of the speakers, has written up a response which you can read here.

Next: Interview with Bob Moesta

In the next meetup (register here), I am interviewing Bob Moesta about his new book "Demand Side Sales 101". Bob is one of the original thinkers behind Jobs to be Done and taking a human-centric approach to marketing, innovation and now sales.

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