Posts tagged Jobs to be Done (20)

The Customer Value Stack

The pandemic has created a boom for food retailers. But the market is changing quickly. The recipe for success is aligning digital products to the customer value stack.

How to unlock growth when everyone is digital

Being digital is the new normal, but there's no advantage in being normal. Digital technology is not the key to unlocking growth, knowing what to do with it is. This means having a deeper understanding of how changes in life context are affecting your customers' needs.

Bob Moesta - Demand Side Sales 101 Book Summary

I've been following Bob Moesta's work for a long time so I'm delighted he formalised his thinking in a book. A great combination of practical Jobs to be Done tools, applied to sales and business growth.

Post-COVID Jobs to be Done

A digital talk focused on a Jobs to be Done analysis of Peloton adoption and remote working.

How to design digital financial services for US SMBs

I discuss my latest research with fintech experts and a real SMB owner in this episode of Fintech Insider. We talk about how SMBs are underserved by banks and the huge opportunities related to this market segment.

What is Jobs to be Done?

I get asked what Jobs to be Done is a lot. Here is a brief video of what it is and why we use it to design truly digital fintechs all over the world.

In conversation with Alan Klement about product strategy

Having known Alan for some time it was a real pleasure to meet him in person when he made a trip to London. We decided to record our conversation about product strategy, building teams and of course Jobs to be Done.

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