The complexities and opportunities in digital identity

Podcast • 1 min read

I recorded a podcast which examines what it means to have a digital identity and who really controls who you are online.

The complexities and opportunities in digital identity

I strongly believe that if we can fix the bigger issues around digital identity the internet will become much more human-centric. We look at different perspectives and developments in this dynamic space including; decentralisation, self-sovereign identity and the various parties in the ecosystem. We also look at the impact that new digital identity systems can have on the user experience of digital services.

To chew through these topics, I spoke to:

  • Jamie Smith - Strategic Engagement Director - Evernym
  • Emma Lindley - Senior Director of Digital ID and Money at Visa
  • Vinny Lingham - Co-founder and CEO of Civic
  • Diane Joyce - ┬áCTO for the Post Office Identity Services
  • Katryna Dow - Founder and CEO of Meeco


11:FS | Apple Podcasts

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