Ryan Garner

Ryan Garner

Ryan is an experienced leader in researching, designing and bringing to market new digital services. He is currently focused on designing fintech businesses all over the world.


Use JTBD to create landing pages that convert

By combining Jobs to be Done and growth marketing techniques, you can create a proposition that increases customer conversions by 10x. Nopadon Wongpakdee took me through his 4 step process that anyone can follow.

The Customer Value Stack

The pandemic has created a boom for food retailers. But the market is changing quickly. The recipe for success is aligning digital products to the customer value stack.

How to unlock growth when everyone is digital

Being digital is the new normal, but there's no advantage in being normal. Digital technology is not the key to unlocking growth, knowing what to do with it is. This means having a deeper understanding of how changes in life context are affecting your customers' needs.

Bob Moesta - Demand Side Sales 101 Book Summary

I've been following Bob Moesta's work for a long time so I'm delighted he formalised his thinking in a book. A great combination of practical Jobs to be Done tools, applied to sales and business growth.