A bit about me and Humanising

I believe that there is a lot of thinking and focus required to humanise business and technology. I've started this publication to share my ideas, insights, tools and frameworks with those who are likeminded.

I am writing for anyone interested in the following things:

What you can expect from Humanising:

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What is my background?

For much of my professional life, I've been focused on bringing more humanity to business and technology. I have been researching, designing and bringing to market new digital services for over 15 years.

I've been part of teams that have developed digital services for people in rural parts of India and Africa using basic feature phones. The research for that project was some of the most interesting I've done.

Today, I'm rethinking how financial services can be more human driven and create signifcantly more value for customers than they have done in the past. I've been fortunate enough to do this all over the world, from super apps in South East Asia to challenger banks in Europe.

I am an experienced researcher, strategist and commercially-driven business builder. I have applied my trade at both tech starups and helped build successful global consulting teams.

Having experimented with many different innovation frameworks, I'm a big believer in Jobs to be Done. I have used this approach for many years with great results. To deepen my knowledge and share best practices more widely, I founded a community in London (now global due to COVID) with over 1,600 JTBD practitioners. On this journey, I have interviewed some of the leading industry experts applying this framework. I publish a lot of that content on this website and in my newsletter.

Connect with me

I'm lucky enouch to speak to a lot of experts across many industries and areas of expertise. If you like what I write then get in touch, I'm always interested in learning from others or colloaborating in one way or another.

Best ways to connect are: LinkedIn, Twitter or email

If you're interesting in Jobs to be Done or designing disruptive new products then please join the Jobs to be Done meetup group. I organise both online and offline events. If you want to speak at one of these events then please get in touch.

I've had people like Bob Moesta and Alan Klement speak at these events. You can watch past events on YouTube or sign up to the Meetup.com group below.

Jobs to be Done Meetup, JTBD, meetup.com
Jobs to be Done Meetup

There is also a Slack group where you can connect with the people using Jobs to be Done in their everyday work.

Slack, Jobs to be Done, Community
Jobs to be Done Slack Community Sign-up
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